Please contact us to discuss the opportunity to acquire your own exclusive Black Rhino territory and begin establishing multiple new lines of revenue for your company today.

We will provide top-shelf distributor support to help with rapid start-up and effective in market sales and rental activities. We also have comprehensive educational and training materials for your customers and local fire officials.

Exclusive Territory

Wholesale Pricing on Tanks and Supplies

Excellent Training and Support

Products That Will WOW Your Customers and Attract New Ones!

BRD Helps & Supports Its Distributor Network

We have the support for everything you need to get started and grow your Black Rhino Distributorship!


  • Educational materials
  • Training videos
  • Sales training
  • Operational procedures
  • Staffing approach – revenue generating
  • Sales and marketing materials
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Industry group news feeds
  • Representation / support at national trade shows
  • Product and supply ordering and delivery logistics support


So, why should you contact us today to see what regions of ours match up with your current and future sales territories?

Our mobile fueling solution is truly a win-win for you and your customers. Everyone benefits financially with more operational efficiency and environmental safety protections!

How much work would it be and how long would it take to become a Distributor?

At BRD, we have already done all the setup and planning for you. Our distributor support model and integrations with the solution manufacturers and suppliers provide a turn-key solution that could be in place in just a few weeks.

What is the best way to approach our market as a distributor?

We have a long history in the Colorado region in both the rental and sales of tanks. The superior quality of the tanks allows for years of uninterrupted rental income.  Demand is always high. We can’t keep them on the lot! 

What support is available for me when the Fire Marshall see out tanks on job sites?

We will support you and your customer’s proactive education of state and local authorities. We have the information that will address their concerns and provide the answers needed to correctly understand the level of safety and environmental benefits that are built into the solution.

How do we access Black Rhino tank support?

Our distributor support team has training videos, operating manuals and operational procedures for both you and your customers.

Current States with Open Opportunities

We currently have Regional Distributor opportunities in all 49 states with Colorado being the only state completely covered.

CO Territory IS Mansfield Service Partners Rockies, LLC

Refueler Perks for Becoming a Territory Distributor

  • Create new revenue streams in tank sales and rental
  • Create service revenue supporting tank distribution and support
  • Save on operating costs and create new opportunities to improve fuel sales volume with the same equipment and staff
  • Save your customers money and help them be more efficient.
  • Attract new customers with a broader product offering