About Us

Black Rhino Distribution, LLC has been established to bring Black Rhino products to the United States from our home in Colorado. All Black Rhino products are produced from the highest quality materials available. 100% of our product line is manufactured and assembled in the United States.

Our background is just like yours, we come from regional refueling, heavy construction, and distribution backgrounds. We are all about finding practical solutions for fuel logistics. We are here to serve our distributors in their support of their customers, their growing needs for efficiency cost savings, and meeting ever-growing regulations and environmental risks. We provide a “Win-Win” economical solution to our distributors and their commercial customers.

Our Mission

We support our distributor network in delivering to their customers the best, safest, most economical mobile fuel tanks and accessories.

The Denver Fire Department

“Please accept the gratitude of the Denver Fire Department for the time and effort you have expended in developing this equipment. Yours is an excellent solution for a real concern”

We Solve Your Problems


We provide a long-term solution to your customers mobile fueling needs


We save your customers money in their fuel spend and operational downtime


We improve work site safety and reduce / mitigate environmental risks for your customers.


We attract new customers with your exclusive Black Rhino Sales and rental options


We save on customer delivery costs – man power and delivery equipment wear and tear.

Open Distributorships

We currently have Regional Distributor opportunities in all 49 states
with Colorado being the only state completely covered.

About Our Manufacturer –  Western Environmental, LLC

Western Environmental, LLC and The Black Rhino Mobile Fueling solutions were born in 2003 when Western Fleet Services a regional fuel distributor in Denver, CO decided to step up and solve the problems many of their customers were struggling with. They were looking for a safe alternative to onsite fuel storage that addressed the need to be mobile while having more capacity than just a tank in the back of a construction superintendent’s pickup truck.

Developing the Black Rhino Mobile Fueling solutions took a lot of work to get everything right from both the construction client to the fuel distributor needs. The solution that has evolved and that is now available for distributors around the United States is truly a win-win solution for both construction clients and fuel providers.

What fuel distributors now can get with Black Rhino:

  • Increase full volume sales without buying new delivery trucks (higher average fuel delivered per stop)
  • Save labor time at each delivery site (I.e. ½ the time to fill 1,000 gal tanks vs. 2-3 hours onsite fueling each piece of equipment)
  • A long-term revenue stream – rental and sales of tanks and supplies
  • Reduces multiple day trips to a site
  • Reduces breakdown issues when you can’t get to the site
  • Reduces impact from long (RAC) line delays
  • Simplifies office staff daily scheduling for deliveries