Who We Are

We are Black Rhino Distribution, the national distributor of Black Rhino Mobile Fueling Solutions. We are in the process of establishing a national network of regional refuelers that will have exclusive rights to sell or rent Black Rhino Fuel Tanks and other Black Rhino fueling solutions in their region. We are looking for commercial refuelers that desire to provide great products and value to their customers while creating reliable long-term revenue streams for their business.

What We Offer

We will provide our distributor network access to our patented, premium quality fuel tanks for resale or rental to their customers in their respective regions. We will go above and beyond to support our Distributor network needs, as they, in turn, support the needs of their commercial fueling customer.

Black Rhino can help solve both your customers and your refueling problems in one secure, convenient and mobile package. Black Rhino is a self-contained fueling system mounted on a twin-axle trailer that can be relocated where you need it. Now your fuel source can always be close to your equipment.

Black Rhino eliminates the need to install in-ground or above-ground tanks with their environmental risks and the costly, time-consuming regulations that go with them.

The Black Rhino Fuel Safe is the only commercial use fuel tank system on the market that meets or exceeds all Federal, State and Local codes; and all aspects of the NFPA 30 and 2003 International Fire Code.

Black Rhino is a complete and efficient, self-contained refueling station.

We Provide Solutions

We provide premium built and long lasting mobile fuel tanks

We provide secondary containment built in with patented spill filtration system

We save on customer delivery costs – man power and delivery equipment wear and tear

We provide customer costs saving options through reduced trip charges

We improve work site safety and reduce / mitigate environmental risks

NOW YOUR FUELING stations can be relocated as easily as any of your customers equipment

We don’t need to tell you about the problems inherent with refueling any kind of equipment. If you are involved as a refueler in any of the industries pictures on the website, you already know!

You also, know the closer your refueling source is to that equipment, the more cost-effective the operation, particularly during periods of escalating fuel prices. These problems, together with the wear and tear on delivery equipment, the cost of manpower, and the wasted time come right off your company’s bottom line.